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6 Effective Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Regardless of your status, you can become a victim of hair loss. Heredity may play a role while some other factors can contribute in no little way to your hair loss. However, that doesn’t mean that you are facing a hopeless situation. Far from it!

Effective Tips

You can implement some preventive measures to prevent losing your hair prematurely. Some practical tips to achieve that are:

  1. Manage your stress: Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Try your best to always put your stress under control. The moment you allow it to spiral out of control, your hair may be gone for good.
  2. Eat healthy foods: This is the antidote to food-related hair loss. It has been proved that taking too much vitamin A and insufficient protein can cause hair loss. Include the sources of these food classes in your diet and you will prevent hair loss. Take much of fish, eggs, beans, and other sources of protein while you control your vitamin A intake.
  3. Don’t use hair dryers excessively: The heat in hair dryers can weaken your hair proteins. The repeated use of dryers will cause fragility and brittleness, conditions that are a recipe for hair loss. Therefore, stay away from using dryers too much. In addition to hair dryers, you should also beware of your use of hot curlers, hair straighteners, and hot brushes. They may have damaging effects on your hair follicles. Controlled use of these objects will prevent hair loss.
  4. Reduce your use of chemicals: Using chemicals for colouring your hair frequently can damage your hair. If you must colour your hair, it should be at about 8 weeks intervals. Rather than dye your hair, let it complete its full cycle of turning gray. That will be gentle on your hair and slow down hair loss.
  5. Avoid too-tight hairstyles: If you regularly do hairstyles that are too tight, hair loss is inevitable. Such hairstyles to be avoided include cornrows, ponytails, and tight plaits. If you must wear such hairstyles, don’t wear them every day. Give your hair enough room to relax after wearing such hairstyles for a period of time. That will make it regain its strength to fight off hair loss.
  6. Use a good brush: Your hair condition may be impacted either positively or negatively by the way you brush your hair and the type of hair brush you use. The ideal brush is a soft one that is a product of natural fibers. While brushing, pay close attention to how you do it. As a rule of thumb, avoid brushing your hair down from the top. Rather, brush it out from the side. Brush your hair gently and refrain from pulling it too hard.

If your hair is wet, don’t brush it. Using a comb is good for it.


By using these tips, you are putting up a preventive measure against hair loss. With consistency, you will not lose your hair but will see your hair blossoming and healthy.