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World is progressing very rapidly. You can see the advancement in any field of science and technology. Medical field is one of those fields which are making progress very fast. You know that there were many medicines which are using for the treatment of different medical problems. In this article, i would like to tell you about a new medicine called as Proscar (Finasteride). This medicine is only to increase the growth of hair. Since hair play an important role in giving a new looks to a person so a person cannot think to live without them. Such people use different methods to increase the growth of hair. The good and reliable method is the use of medicine according the prescription of professional doctor.

Talking about the Proscar, you will get that it is mostly suggested medicine for the hair growth. It can increase the growth in a short time and can make you a good looking man with long hair. Proscar comes in the form of tablets. Other medicines come in different doses and these doses are suggested by doctors. Unlike those medicines Proscar comes in only one dose which is 1 mg. If you have the problem with growth of hair then you can use Proscar according to the suggestion of a professional doctor. It is strongly recommended that always use this dose one time in a day or according to the prescription of doctor.

Finasteride Film-coated Tablets

Let us talk about the side effects of Proscar. Proscar is the only medicine which has very less side effects as compare to those medicines which are used for the same purpose. These side effects are not very severe and can remain till the time of medication. When you will stop taking it then you feel that these side effects are no more than effective. In these side effects there are chances of getting hives, breast enlargement, allergy to different things and swelling on face and lips. This was something about the side effects of Proscar. You should tell your doctor if you are feeling uncomfortable with any of the mentioned side effects.

Much important information about the use of Proscar is given below:

  • Tell your doctor about your health problem and then ask him for a medicine. Always use it according your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Proscar is only for those people who are suffering from this disease. If you do not have this health problem then you should avoid it.
  • Proscar can cause many sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. You can treat this health problem by the use of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

These were some important points about Proscar and you should consider them. If you are willing to get more information about Proscar medicine then you have the option to get it from internet. A lot of data is available about this medicine. This information will really help you in understanding the efficient use of Proscar. In short, Finasteride or Proscar is good enough to treat such problem. It is the permanent solution of this problem.