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Can Proscar Really Treat Hair Loss?

Today, you will find millions of products in the market that claim to be a healthy treatment for hair loss. Proscar is one of the names in the many other products - but the only difference is that it really works. Proscar is a proven treatment for alleviating male-pattern diseases that causes abnormal bald patches. It is a successful brand which comes with the active ingredient Finasteride.

Hair Loss in Men

How to consume it?

Proscar for hair loss is consumed in the form of a tablet. It prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It maintains the healthy hormonal balance of the body, and reduces the level of DHT. It keeps the DHT from attacking and damaging the hair follicle which causes the thinning of hair. This control basically leads to further baldness prevention, and in most cases promotes the thickening of hair.

It is the key factor. But there are more reasons why it supports the growth of hair. Proscar also contains ingredients that heal the hair follicle by shedding the ill and damaged hair. This makesProscar is an effective remedy for the hair fall condition.

The best age:

We know that male-pattern baldness hits a person in early twenties to early fifties. This is also the period of grace, when men expect to lose visually pleasant. Having a bald patch means having an older looking appearance. Men suffering from this condition often run after treatments like transplant that are expensive and painful- and may not even deliver 100% results. So if you are in search of this treatment, the best age to opt for it is 21-50. This is when the hormones are fully mature and can really help you grow you hair.

The consumption of Proscar helps in the re-growth of hair at the area of scalp that has fully been damaged by dead hair follicles. It prevents the loss of hair from crown of the head and forehead. You can also have your hair regrow at the back.


Proscar is only designed to be used by men and not women. It is strictly prohibited to be used by women, as it deals with the hormonal dis-balances in men. Women are advised to keep away from this medication. The dosage is one tablet every day and should not be increased. If you are suffering from any other health condition and consuming other medication along with it- it is best to consult your health advisor before you opt for this medicine.

Proscar takes more than one year to fully show its results. Do not hesitate when your hair starts to shed. It is normal for the ill and damaged hair follicles to shed so that new hair can easily and healthily grow back on the scalp.

Finally, It would be fair enough to say that Proscar is definitely a great solution to the hair loss problem which deals with the root of the issue. It treats the DHT release and significantly improves your scalp health.