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It Take All Types To Make A Society

It is true that every human being is unique. No two individuals are alike. Each one of us is endowed with the same intelligence, mind and thinking. However depending upon one’s environment, background and culture, each individual thinks differently and uses his faculties in his own unique ways. Man is essentially a social being. Most of us belong to the normal stream of people who tend to follow the rules laid down by the society. There are few who by nature swim against the stream and are anti establishment in nature. We call them rebels. There are rebels in both the genders. In most cases, children rebel in their youth and with age they mellow down and eventually settle down. There are those who by birth or by nature are rebels and no matter how old they tend to be the same all through their life. Similarly there are people who are conformists and those who are not. Those who are not conformists usually are highly creative people and follow their own rules in life. Normally some of the best film directors, painters or advertising and creative professionals tend to be non conformists. They believe in themselves and seldom pay attention to what the society says about them. They pursue their goals and speak their mind without any fear or hesitation. A healthy and progressive society requires all types of people including the non conformists and only then the society will really grow. Democracy is perhaps the best platform for a healthy society for it provides opportunity for people of all types to exist and live freely.

Baldness in Men

Of course by talking about non conformists, we are not trying to encourage anyone to become anti establishment or anti social. Society needs certain rules and norms that are enforced through common culture. It is the social rules that enforce civilized living and progress in society. It is not possible for us to have a society where people do what they feel like and live the way they like to. Living out of marriage is a fashion in most of the countries now. However, the fallout of such living is proving to be harmful. People are increasingly become insecure and lonely. This is true of women as well as men. Most urban men and women are facing problems due to depression, anxiety, pressure and nervousness due to the urban lifestyle. Men are increasingly facing problems like premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction and baldness due to the complicated lifestyle.

A balanced life with a healthy family setup is essential for men to feel healthy and energetic. Medicines can definitely help solve problems like baldness. Baldness can be easily cured by Proscar. Doctors prescribe Proscar for short term as well as long term cure and treatment of male baldness. Proscar is known to arrest hair fall immediately and promote hair growth in certain cases. However Proscar is not prescribed for men who have health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Proscar should always be taken under medical guidance only. Apart from Proscar, patients would need proper vitamin and hormonal supplements to gain back their health and arrest baldness. But along with medication it is important to reduce the stress and relax. A happy individual is he who does not have any pressures, who is easy going, is conforming to the society as well as to his family and to himself, is happy with himself and at peace with society and world.