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Top Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

The male gender is the primary target of hair loss. The highest percentage of people with hair loss problem is men. Starting from hair thinning to complete baldness, it is a challenge dealing with losing one's hair.

If you are going through this stage as a man, you need to understand the possible reasons why some of your hair is falling off.

Hair Loss In Men

Here are the top reasons why you are struggling with hair loss:

  • Heredity: Most of the men with hair loss challenges inherited it from either of their parents. If your family has a history of hair loss, you stand a good chance of suffering the same fate. You may have to contend with balding as you grow older.
  • Stress: Whether you are facing work-related stress or some domestic conditions are placing enormous pressure on you, you may cave in under such pressure with increased stress level. When you suffer from excessive stress for a couple of weeks or months, your susceptibility to hair loss takes a new dimension. Your immunity is breached and you gradually see some strands of your hair falling off.
  • Tight hairstyles: It is a misconception to believe that tight hairstyles are exclusively for women. No. Some men still wear some tight hairstyles such as ponytail and other hairstyles that may pull their hair. When you wear dreadlocks or cornrows, they can also be responsible for your hair loss. You should occasionally give your hair some breaks if you find it difficult to give those hairstyles up.
  • Infections: Some infections have been found to cause hair loss in men. A typical example of such infections is ringworm. Although these are fungus rather than worms, they can cause you to lose your air if they grow in your scalp and prevent your hair from taking root in the scalp.

Dermatitis, syphilis, and folliculitis are some other infections with a similar effect on your hair.

  • Thyroids problems: Although your thyroid is a small part of your body, it plays a huge role in your metabolism. When your thyroid malfunctions, it causes a medical condition that is known as hypothyroidisms which can result in hair loss.
  • Poor diet: This is a common cause of hair loss among people with hair loss challenges. Since the body needs a good amount of protein and some other essential nutrients such as vitamin and iron to grow and be healthy, poor dieting may deprive the body of such nutrients. As the body suffers from the deficiency of these nutrients, the follicle will also lack the necessary ingredient to produce healthy hair. Gradually, the hair begins to lose stamina as brittleness sets in. Eventually, hair loss results.


Of course, the future of your hair lies in your hand. You have the knowledge of habits that are detrimental to your hair. Avoid them at all costs. Improve your diet and see the dramatic result on your hair as you transition from a bald man to an attractive man with a full and healthy hair.