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Walk In Worried And Walk Out Happy

Women are really strange. They have fancy ideas when it comes to life. Just last week at the closing hours of the clinic, we had a patient visiting us for the first time. It was a young man in his early thirties. He appeared fit and healthy and nothing seemed to be wrong with him, except that his girlfriend was not happy with his receding hairline. True, the young man seemed to be balding quite early. Baldness is a rampant problem with men all over the world. Most men turn bald around the age of fifty and over. This can be attributed to natural process of aging. However some men do begin to grow bald in their earlier ages from early thirties onwards. Hereditary and genetic factors can be attributed to balding at an early age. Sometimes, hormonal deficiency too can play havoc with the human hair and people tend to have excess hair fall. Now days, the pollution in the environment, the poor quality of diet as well as water and urban lifestyle is also contributing to hair fall amongst men as well as women.

Happy Men and Women

Once we understood the work profile and life profile of this young man, we also found that he was suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. No wonder the young man was worried and not comfortable with himself. His problems were spilling over and affecting his relationship too. Once we start talking to the patients, we begin to see the pattern. This young man had gone through severe trauma in his childhood with sudden death of the mother and had grown up with a lot of insecurities. It takes quite a while for such people to grow out of their problems. Success and stability in life gives them the required self esteem which then enables them to face their inner turmoil. Stability in his relationship with his girlfriend was at this stage very important. Though she had forced him to come to the clinic to treat his hair fall and baldness problem, the young man stood to gain by this for we could help him with treatment for baldness as well as counseling.

Treatment of baldness is approached with multiple course options. We advise hormonal balancing, additional supplements of vitamins to strengthen the immunity and overall health as well as advise Proscar to control hair fall. Proscar is known to arrest hair fall immediately. Thus doctor’s feel Proscar to be the best option for short term hair fall control. Proscar is known to promote hair growth in many cases and is best suited for short term as well as long term use. As soon as this young man started with Proscar and the other multi vitamins, his hair fall began to come under control. Within weeks his health started improving.

We also sent him for psychiatric counseling and with several sessions, he was relieved and ready to work towards a healthy life. He came into our clinic wanting to look good for his girl friend’s sake and walked out a happy and confident man. A happy patient is the best reward that we doctors get and it makes us happy too.